WHITE ROSE TRANSMISSION & Jasmine Tea is the name given to me for these sharings of Divine Feminine Wisdom, Messages & Musings. We all have wisdom through education, lessons learned and knowledge we have acquired via the human journey. We also hold Divine keys, codes and wisdom that our soul has brought in and continues to bring in everyday through our intuition and connection to the higher realms. This is a sacred time for tea and sharing of human/soul wisdom from the purity of the WHITE ROSE within our heart, and the fragrant Jasmine of the human experience we walk. Just as we might share in deep conversation with our friends and sisters at the local tea and coffee shop, I hope you will join me, as we connect, inspire, enliven, and activate each other’s remembrance of the Divine/Human Wisdom we have to midwife the New Earth.

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Wednesday Oct 26, 2022

You are WORTHY of LOVE and that begins with first loving and honoring your own body, heart and soul.  It is as simple as the offering of your own “LOVE LANGUAGE” to yourself, not just offering and extending LOVE to another.  The term “Love Language” comes from the book, “The Five Love Languages” by Gary Chapman

Wednesday Oct 19, 2022

Allow this guided meditation to bring the Dove, and her divine wisdom, deep into your heart.

Wednesday Oct 19, 2022

The WHITE Dove is a "Messenger of Peace and Wisdom.  She will reveal the purity, truth and ALL the pearls of wisdom you hold within.   She will support your journey to trust in sharing, speaking and singing YOUR HEART SONG of DIVINE LOVE.

Tuesday Oct 11, 2022

This is a guided meditation I felt called to offer so you may connect to your own Source Stream, seeding the frequencies of Divine Love that your soul has agreed to birth for building Heaven on Earth.  

Thursday Sep 22, 2022

It's the Autumn Equinox and with it comes the RETURN of Autumn Woman.  SHE embraces this next phase of HER own life within the Autumn Season on a deeper level, allowing the next leaf to fall and releasing MORE of what truly no longer serves.
XOXO ~ Cheryl

Tuesday Sep 13, 2022

“13 WHITE ROSES” . . . DIVINE Orchestration as I was called to wait until today, September 13th, to offer the 13th Episode.  AND . . . I was seeing and sensing “13 WHITE ROSES” today in meditation prior to this WHITE ROSE Transmission. 
Are you a soul extension of ONE of the “13 WHITE ROSES” that are carriers of its divine frequencies? 
XOXO ~ Cheryl

Sunday Sep 04, 2022

Through our heart's discernment under the "Law of Discrimination," we have the inner and outer ability to hear and finely tune into the music of that which resonates and aligns to the God of our heart. It is so needed as we go forward co-creating within the field, a new fabric, from the Golden Template of the Christ Light. From here, we may weave the purest frequencies of the Creator Force, so that which is made manifest, emanates Divine Wisdom, Love, Truth, Power, Grace.
XOXO ~ Cheryl 

Sunday Aug 28, 2022

YOUR unwavering Holy Connection to God Source.
XOXO ~ Cheryl

Saturday Aug 20, 2022

Return of the Priestess Path . . . Awakening of the Midwives and Doulas of Sophia.
We are no longer being cloaked in silence and being invisible. 
We are here to be the EMANATION of that which we are to birth forth through our Source Stream in our walk, in our talk and ALL of our showing up in the world.
May you take what resonates for you, your divine presence and your human journey!
Much LOVE Always . . . Blessed Be.
XOXO ~ Cheryl 💗🌹🌿


Dr. Cheryl Berry - Way of the Feminine Force 

Hello, I'm Dr. Cheryl.  Thank you for stepping into my world of the Divine and Human experience.  I am a Chiropractor and an Intuitive.  My soul's calling is not only in the natural healing art, philosophy and science of chiropractic, but also in empowering people to live deeply connected to their body, heart, and soul, which includes their inner wisdom and intuition. 

I have had a conscious awareness of being connected to the Creator as early as 3 years old.  Then came the conscious realization I had no one to talk to about my sensing and seeing energy when I was around 7.  It was at that point I told myself, "I can't tell anyone anything."  It has been a very long journey of healing this vow, as well as from other lifetimes, to speak from my inner vision and other telepathic senses.  It has also taken a lot of TRUST to answer the call of share my writings publicly and to allow my soul language to be heard.  However, I AM forever grateful, as I AM continuously guided from within and from the higher realms with love and patience, so I can step deeper into trusting the divine process.  A TRUST that I wish to inspire YOU to discover for your own journey! 

If you wish to explore some of my first sharings on my healing journey into the Divine Feminine Archetypes, as well as channeled writings, you can visit my website, www.wayofthefeminineforce.com. 

All of this led to my first SHE Speaks Workshop, monthly Sister Circle Meditations, Womb Healings, Rose Ceremonies, as well as private energy sessions.  With that being said, nothing I do is without guidance, from my personal life, to going to chiropractic college and all-the-in-betweens, to receiving the vision and message in January 2022 . . . "WHITE ROSE Transmission & Jasmine Tea."  

Here we are!  Thank You for joining me as we explore together the divine wisdom of the WHITE ROSE. and Holy Ain Sophia, as she guides me.  As well as tasting the Jasmine Tea of the acquired human wisdom and knowledge that comes through my education and human life experiences.  Blessed Be!

Much Love XOXO ~ Cheryl  

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