WHITE ROSE TRANSMISSION & Jasmine Tea is the name given to me for these sharings of Divine Feminine Wisdom, Messages & Musings. We all have wisdom through education, lessons learned and knowledge we have acquired via the human journey. We also hold Divine keys, codes and wisdom that our soul has brought in and continues to bring in everyday through our intuition and connection to the higher realms. This is a sacred time for tea and sharing of human/soul wisdom from the purity of the WHITE ROSE within our heart, and the fragrant Jasmine of the human experience we walk. Just as we might share in deep conversation with our friends and sisters at the local tea and coffee shop, I hope you will join me, as we connect, inspire, enliven, and activate each other’s remembrance of the Divine/Human Wisdom we have to midwife the New Earth.

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Wednesday Aug 02, 2023

May you enjoy this beautiful conversation with my Soul Sister in Chiropractic, Dr. Jen Corbin, as she shares her wisdom 
in preparation for creating her ideal day.  Dr. Jen can be found on FB at https://www.facebook.com/corbinfamilychiropractic.

Thursday Apr 27, 2023

This episode is a personal sharing of my own Fire Walk experience 30 years ago, symbolizing the stepping deeper onto my spiritual path to embody my soul and divine connection.  Within this, is the greater message of the "Fire & Flame" which is the alchemy and transcendence of "Wounds to Wisdom."

Monday Apr 10, 2023

The message of "No Fear, Only FAITH" came in while receiving a vision (03.21.2023).  It gave me great PEACE and a deeping TRUST in SEEing how we are being held in a DIVINE RE-CREATION and RESTRUCTURING made of DIAMOND LIGHT POINTS AND PILLARS.  Something so beautiful and of PURE Divine Energy, that I knew I was to share.

Friday Mar 17, 2023

Your heart's emanation of its PUREST and most PRISTINE frequency of LOVE and WISDOM has the POWER to shatter the glass and illusion of false beliefs, constructs, and protection that were once believed to be true.  Eternal LOVE & Divine WISDOM within your higher heart hold the POWER to set you FREE!  

Wednesday Feb 01, 2023

Join me in conversation with, Maryellen Elcock, Pet Care Service Owner and Animal End-of-Life Doula (www.creeksidecrittercare), as she shares her wisdom and personal journey of transformation as the Crone, Heroine and ONE with the Infinite.  This comes at the Imbolc passage, or half-way point between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox.  A time that symbolizes Light IS Returning, as well as Rebirth. 

Dawn of Awakening . . . #29

Friday Jan 06, 2023

Friday Jan 06, 2023

May this short meditation support YOUR connection and awakening to the Creator each day in 2023, and the Dawn of the New Earth that we have come to co-create.

Wednesday Dec 21, 2022

When you heal the heart, especially the Abandonment Wound, you will discover that place of asking "WHEN DID I ABANDON MYSELF?" 
It is there that ALL returns to the zero point.  It is where you reclaim your power, releasing, and absolving any contracts of victim, villain, or victor in the Holy Fire and Eternal Flame of Divine Love.  
XOXO ~ Cheryl 

Sunday Dec 11, 2022

The journey of Motherhood, whether birthing and/or raising a child, is precious beyond words.  May this conversation BIRTH greater conscious awareness in remembering the Heart & Wisdom of the Mother.

Wednesday Dec 07, 2022

I desire to be like a candle that has the ability to LIGHT another candle. 
And together, we continue to LIGHT up this world in the ETERNAL FLAME OF GOD'S LOVE AND DIVINE TRUTH.

Sunday Dec 04, 2022

May you enjoy this conversation with Julie Sherwood (Wellness Coach, Sidereal Astrologist, and Reiki Master), as she shares her own journey of stepping onto the path of trusting her heart, as well as the stars, to navigate the Way to answer the call of her soul. www.yourbesthopeswc.com


Dr. Cheryl Berry - Way of the Feminine Force 

Hello, I'm Dr. Cheryl.  Thank you for stepping into my world of the Divine and Human experience.  I am a Chiropractor and an Intuitive.  My soul's calling is not only in the natural healing art, philosophy and science of chiropractic, but also in empowering people to live deeply connected to their body, heart, and soul, which includes their inner wisdom and intuition. 

I have had a conscious awareness of being connected to the Creator as early as 3 years old.  Then came the conscious realization I had no one to talk to about my sensing and seeing energy when I was around 7.  It was at that point I told myself, "I can't tell anyone anything."  It has been a very long journey of healing this vow, as well as from other lifetimes, to speak from my inner vision and other telepathic senses.  It has also taken a lot of TRUST to answer the call of share my writings publicly and to allow my soul language to be heard.  However, I AM forever grateful, as I AM continuously guided from within and from the higher realms with love and patience, so I can step deeper into trusting the divine process.  A TRUST that I wish to inspire YOU to discover for your own journey! 

If you wish to explore some of my first sharings on my healing journey into the Divine Feminine Archetypes, as well as channeled writings, you can visit my website, www.wayofthefeminineforce.com. 

All of this led to my first SHE Speaks Workshop, monthly Sister Circle Meditations, Womb Healings, Rose Ceremonies, as well as private energy sessions.  With that being said, nothing I do is without guidance, from my personal life, to going to chiropractic college and all-the-in-betweens, to receiving the vision and message in January 2022 . . . "WHITE ROSE Transmission & Jasmine Tea."  

Here we are!  Thank You for joining me as we explore together the divine wisdom of the WHITE ROSE. and Holy Ain Sophia, as she guides me.  As well as tasting the Jasmine Tea of the acquired human wisdom and knowledge that comes through my education and human life experiences.  Blessed Be!

Much Love XOXO ~ Cheryl  

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